5 Reasons Why an SSL Certificate is so important for Website

Before going ahead it is very much important to know that what actually an SSL certificate is? Does it really matter? Or has it any importance in the world of the internet? The answer to these all questions is yes. Because this certificate is very much important for those sites which deal with the sensitive information like customer names, their profile or credit card credentials etc. The SSL is the abbreviated word the full form of SSL certificate is secure sockets layer, it is a layer of security between the customer and server of the company they deal with.

1. It encrypts the information

When any customer visits your website and he wants to order something, first of all, he will make sure that all the information he provides is secure and will not be used by the third party. In this modern era, people are aware of their internet security and they care a lot about it. The https sign shows that if your website is secure to deal with and after analyzing properly they will share their required information with you their name, contact and other details. If you have SSL certificate this will allow the users to make a secure connection, when customer sends information to our server it visits several other computers before it reaches to the final destination, in between the third party can use that information but when your website has SSL certificate it encrypts the information and another party except intended cannot read or use that information. That’s why you need an SSL certificate.

2. It is the requirement for online payment

If you have an online store where you sell your goods or services, then you are in the need of SSL certificate because without it you cannot receive your secure payments and customers are not going to share their personal details with you before of security issues. But when you encrypt the information with SSL certificate it will boost your business as people will trust your website and will be comfortable while sharing their details. Therefore it is the need of those websites which need an online payment gateway. Get SSL certificate as soon as possible to get the trust of people and security for your website.

3. SSL certificate Ranks your website

Good ranking of the website in search engines like Google is the wish of everyone, all the website owners want that their website should come first in the search so that customers may find the product or services on their give website and they can generate revenue. SSL certificate works perfectly in this matter. Yes, you read right, when you have hhtps along with your URL the Google ranks your website at the higher levels because it promotes the secure connections, their algorithms are set to rank the websites with high security. You may try a search at Google you will find all the first page websites with https and those websites which don’t have SSL certificate are flagged by Google. So if you want to rank your website higher then get the SSL certificate now.


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4. The higher level of assurance

When you get the SSL certificate you can show on your pages that your site is secured with their given stamped images or pictures, that will be displayed on your website, it creates the trust for the customers, and when a customer finds those images displayed their level of trust increases and they have the surety that the website they are dealing with is trustable and secure their personal details will not be theft and they can easily input the required data for the secure transaction.

5. Requirement of PCI

PCI is the payment card industry, in this modern era the fraudulent activities are increasing because the use of the internet is also increasing for online shopping, many people try to cheat the customers by showing them fake pages and ask them to enter their personal information like credit card details etc. Therefore to make the security layers tighter and restrict any fraudulent activity the PCI requires the SSL certificate from those websites who want to accept online payments; this discourages the cheaters and makes the security layer strong. There are many other requirements as well but SSL certificate is one of them.

Summing up

SSL certificate is the need of in this era where e-commerce is at its peak and more and more people are using online payments. When it comes to security SSL certificate comes there to protect the sensitive information and creates the additional layer of security, Google also ranks those websites which have SSL certificate, if you still do not have SSL certificate its right time to get it otherwise you are exposed to threats and frauds.

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