Why Are Online Reviews Important to Your Business?

Word of mouth has always been a great source of acquiring new customers for all types of businesses from time immemorial and the internet has made it not only easy but also very efficient to do so without a lot of effort.Online reviews are a great way of acquiring new customers because of a number of reasons.

Local SEO

Online reviews can boost your ranking on a number of search engines including google.Online reviews make up a signifant percent of the ranking factor and both quantity and quality of the online reviews affect that.Online reviews are good for Local SEO because of three main reasons. Online reviews provide unique content every time a review is written.Uniques content is good for SEO, so every time you receive a new review your ranking increases. Having mentions or clickthroughs on social media will greatly improves local SEO.


Three quarters of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.Trusting a business with a lot of good reviews is common sense to a lot of consumers because it kind of guarantees a positive experience for them. On average, consumers read about 8 reviews before they can trust a business.

Understanding The Clients

Online reviews will help to improve the SEO and trust but most importantly it will help you to understand the customer. Customers will usually leave a review when they are either very pleased or disappointed with your business so you have to use this feedback to improve your business. This is the reason why you should focus on both positive and negative reviews. Most customers will offer constructive suggestions which you can use to prevent the next unsatisfied customer.


Whether your business is receiving positive, negative or no reviews, you will need the reviews to grow your business. Engage with the reviewers by replying to both positive and negative reviews because your potential customers are forming an opinion based on the reviews about your business and how you respond to those reviews.

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