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The Power of Landing Pages Design & Marketing

Landing Pages are simply where you want people to go when they click an ad or link, type a URL, or search for you online, because that’s where they are most likely to engage with your product and/or business. EMS will create highly effective landing pages for YOU that convert!

Domain Names

One way to increase traffic to your site and pull customers away from your competitors is to buy domain names for sites that will be commonly searched in your industry, sound similar to your name, or similar to competitors, and then link these domains back to your site’s landing page. Sounds sneaky? Not really, it’s just smart marketing in a highly competitive online world.

Campaign Pages

What if you have a specific campaign like a contest or sale that you’d like to market? At EMS we implement a powerful and cost effective strategy to make the most of an ad campaign (such as Pay Per Click Campaign) or promotion by creating a landing page specific to that promotion that links to a banner ad, web ad, paid search ad, email link or print URL. We design and maintain premiere landing pages specifically for this purpose to ensure maximum return on your marketing investments.

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Micro Sites

Have you ever considered the power of marketing YOUR products or services to a niche group? Targeting to a specific audience makes your relationship to that customer base stronger and therefore, more profitable. You’ll create raving fans that will not only buy everything you offer, but they’ll help spread the word. A Micro Site can make the language, imagery, and specific business package offered on a landing page specifically tailored to one niche audience at a time, based on demographics, location and purchasing behavior.

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