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Get Your Business Found Locally & Organically

When doing web searches, the places your website appears is one of the first factors that defines the results to your potential customer’s search. This is why we want YOU to be everywhere!

Geoseo Pages

EMS will provide your business with a separate pages filled with unique content for every searchable location in your operating area. This includes counties, cities, zip codes and other location data.

Location Based Targeted Pages

Why not let people know where they can find you?   When at all possible, EMS will ensure that all related banner, paid search and social ads contain geographic information that will make your marketing available to customers across your entire service area.

Mobile Location Based Targeted Pages

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to target potential customers in your area? We can work with mobile ad platforms to make sure that users searching for products and services like yours which are in your area, are served your ads. You’ll quickly see the distance between you and your next customer shorten as the clicks ad up to major dollars in your account.

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