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What is Search Engine Optimization?

These days it’s as common a term as the internet, so common in fact, that everyone thinks they can do it. Ads are everywhere from social media to craigslist promising YOUR business expert results, but ask yourself, do these weekend warriors really know what it takes to get you results?

The goal of SEO of course, is to place your website organically on the top of the first page of Google for the keywords that YOUR potential customers are using in order to find whatever goods or services they’d like to purchase.

Search engine optimization is not only focused on the text or keyword being optimized, it also encompasses images, audio, video, content and mobile-responsiveness of your site. This complicates matters greatly, but what’s worse is that Google uses an ever-evolving algorithm and shifts their ranking rules, in order to consider any website for the ranking goal of being number one.

Guess what?

It’s incumbent on your marketing company to be continually testing your site and understand how to analyze that data in order to keep YOUR website organically ranking high and your campaigns producing results. This takes tremendous expertise, the kind that we possess at Efficient Marketing Solution.

Website Audit

With nearly 100% of consumers starting their search for a local product or service online, your business' online presence matters more than ever. Our audit service ensures that your business gains credibility and trust online so you can win more customers. Contact us to learn how we can help you dominate your competition.

Search Engine Strategies

The latest stats show that nearly 2.3 million Google searches are happening every second. A properly optimized website can help your business get found by customers searching for your product or service online everyday. We help small business owners implement search engine optimization strategies that increase online visibility.

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