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Website Setup Service

Layout & structure of your website will determine the ability of search engines like Google to access your website pages / articles and retrieve the most important webpages of your website. With poor structure & design, your content could be excellent, but search engines will still possibly penalize you for having a spammy website!

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Get your Website Setup layout structure & design right from the beginning. EMS will help you establish your web blog or Website Setup quite easily and quickly so you can focus on your business instead of why the article you spent 5 hours on isn’t being indexed. Whether it’s a WordPress site or another Platform, we will set your website up properly and make sure it is optimized for all search engines.

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For those of you who already have a domain and hosting, please provide us with your hosting login info and we’ll set up a standard Search Engine Optimized WordPress blog for you. This can include some very basic customizations to make it fit into your current site, or the installation of a pre-made template of your choice (that you point out or provide).

Website Migration Service

You may run into a situation where it’s best for the business to change your domain, but keep the same content or perhaps you would like to keep your domain, but create a new website. If you’re not sure how to transfer your website to a different domain, we will be happy to transfer your completed website from one domain name to another regardless of the platform.

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